Munich, Germany


The HOKO® – HOCHSCHULKONTAKTMESSE was founded in 1997 by the non-profit association VWI-Hochschulgruppe München e.V.. The fair is organized annually by a group of students on a voluntary basis and offers more than 10,000 visitors over 3 days the opportunity to get in touch with approx. 300 companies. 

Darmstad, Germany


The konaktiva in Darmstadt is one of the biggest and oldest career fairs organised by students in Germany. Students can talk to companies in an unforces environment and therefore can develop business contacts. They can also inform themselves more during speeches and panel discussions (kontalks). When applied earlier, they also have the opportunity to talk 1-by-1 with a company representative in the, so called, Einzelgespraeche. All of these offers are completely for free for students. Exceeding, the konaktiva hosts a »warm up« week, two times per year. Here companies can offer workshops, individual advice and speeches to the topics, applications, occupation, and further education.

Munich, Germany


The IKOM serves as the interface between industry and students at the Technical University of Munich. Over 100 voluntary members, hailing from a variety of subject-specific backgrounds, organise the annual IKOM — Germany biggest student-organised career forum, catering to over 300 companies as well as approximately 15 000 visitors — in addition to the specialised equivalents IKOM Bau, IKOM Life Science and IKOM Start-Up. Additional exclusive formats include the IKOM Consulting Day and over 40 workshops, excursions and seminars. All of these offers are free of charge for students, their aim being to facilitate easier transition into professional life.



The inovailmenau is a career fair organized by students of the Ilmenau University of Technology on a voluntary basis. In order to bring students and graduates closer to their dream job and to give companies the opportunity to get to know highly trained workers, we open our doors for two days every year in the last week of October. At the fair, visitors can get in touch with around 200 companies and prepare themselves optimally for their career entry through workshops, application training and numerous other offers. Through passion and commitment, we have developed into one of the most important career fairs in Central Germany within the last 26 years.

Barcelona, Spain


Forum ETSEIB is the fair that brings industrial engineering students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya closer to the most cutting-edge, innovative and prominent companies. We are the bridge between companies and students.
It is through the different activities we offer that students can learn first-hand what working life is like in these companies. Many of them end up in the selection process and finding a job.
All kinds of companies take part in this event: financial and technical consultancies, construction and engineering companies, consumer goods, automotive, transport, pharmaceutical, chemical, materials, service and technology companies.



De Studerendes Erhvervskontakt (DSE) or in English Students’ Business Relation has since 1989 focused on building connections between engineering students and companies in Denmark and beyond. Volunteers have always run the organisation. They are volunteering for the greater purpose of a solid start for their fellow students. 
We have three departments, and we work together as a team both in our departments and across. The departments’ are located in Lyngby, Aalborg and Ballerup and therefore give us the unique pos- sibility to reach students from all over Denmark. 
The volunteers all come from different fields of study and therefore create a dynamic environment with the possibility to learn not only by the experience we get in the organisation but also by working together with people with different backgrounds. 
If you want to know more about DSE or have any questions, you are welcome to drop by one of our offices or visit our website: 
DTU Lyngby: Building 101E at the student hall on the first floor on the left. 
AAU: Fibigerstrædet 15 
DTU Ballerup: Room D2.82